General English

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General English

Brisbane is the ideal place in Australia to study the General English course to improve your awareness in speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in a caring environment. The General English program is for students who want to improve their language proficiency for personal growth, better professional opportunities, travel and social interaction. Students are challenged to develop both fluency and accuracy as well as cross-cultural communication skills in the General English program.

Our lessons are based on the innovative “HITS” system. This means that, at the end of each lesson, students achieve something very specific and practical. These classes also involve students using English in the real world by engaging in real tasks and activities outside of the classroom.


Our GE classes at QAT employ a unique approach called HITS to fully engage our students.


All tasks use the various macro skills and are interesting and meaningful.


High Interest Tasks for Success mean that students can use English to complete real world tasks in different situations.


Students at QAT really feel they are successful, because they can use their English well in many situations.

diagram of hits system

Course Overview

Study Dates
Monday – Thursday; Elective classes available on Friday
Course Delivery
weekly/20 hours of face-to-face teaching
Entry Requirements

None (pre-test is required on the first-day)

Tuition fees
Contact QAT for price information
Intake Dates

Every Monday

What students are saying about QAT

“I had the opportunity to study at QAT, great people and great staff. I had many experiences, I had difficult moments and sometimes hard to express my frustrations, however the trainers always were there to support me, been patient with me they help me to continue until the end."
Leidy From Colombia
General English