I’m writing this to talk about my story studying IELTS. Firstly, I do not know how to express my thanks. Keith, thank you!

I graduated from QUT nursing course last month, then for registration as a nurse in Australia, I should obtain 7.0 (Academic, IELTS). I tried to get the result, however, it seemed to be too difficult. I had taken IELTS three times before enrolling this course (4B IELTS). Unfortunately, I failed. It made me frustrated, because I wasn’t able to figure out what’s my problem. Even though I made great efforts to get 7.0, all of which seemed to be worthless. Then I heard about QAT having a good reputation, particularly IELTS courses, so I enrolled. I found that there was an air of optimism in my future. After taking the course for 3 weeks, I have got through. My result was 7.5(Listening), 6.5(Reading), 6.5(Writing), and 7.5 (Speaking). Then “now” I have got 7.0(listening), 7.5(Reading), 7.0(Writing), 7.5(Speaking), and overall 7.5.

IIt is incredible! I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. It is just fantastic.

Without identifying problems, there is no way to fix it.

Keith is a great teacher who I have ever met. He exactly identify the problems of students and guide them to achieve their goal. All I had to do was to follow his instruction. Everyone can make dreams come true. Achieving high scores in IELTS is extremely difficult, however, it is not impossible.

Thank you Keith, thousand times. I can never thank you enough…