At QAT, we provide our students with a wide variety of pathway programs to help you achieve your study and life goals.

Whether your goal is to achieve your target IELTS score for university studies through our English pathways or choose a cost-effective and time-efficient study plan with our university pathways, QAT has the right pathway for you.

To apply, fill out the QAT Pathway Agreement form at QAT reception on Ground Floor. For any questions, you can contact us directly.

QAT provides English pathway programs with a wide range of universities, TAFEs and other educational institutions across Australia.

At QAT, our IELTS course has been recognised by many education institutions in Australia. This is because of our unique English teaching system and our proven success with helping students achieve their target scores in IELTS.

How it Works

Commence IELTS study for at least 12 weeks at QAT → Achieve the target score in all mock tests and meet the course requirements → Study your proposed program at one of our partner universities/colleges. See below for a full list of our pathway partners.

Why Choose QAT’s English Pathway Program

    1. We ensure our students achieve their target IELTS score to meet the entry requirement of their desired university program. This is done in a more time efficient manner which may also result in reduced English study fees.
    2. Students can move onto their higher education study as soon as possible.
    3. Participating in our English pathway program means you do not need to sit through an official IELTS exam.

English Pathway Programs

At QAT, we work with a wide range of popular Australian universities to provide students with various options for further study.

How it Works

Choose your area of study → Study a diploma program at QAT → Move into 2nd year of a bachelor degree at a participating university that QAT works with. See our full list of university partners below.

Why Choose QAT’s University Pathways

Smoother Entry Process

Studying a diploma program at QAT means you can start your proposed study plan sooner with an easier entry process.

Smooth transitioning for international students

Our diploma courses are delivered in small classrooms, which allows individual feedback and support to our students. We help you feel more confident and prepared for your university study.

Gaining dual qualifications and become job-ready

QAT offers quality, practical training. Students will gain job-ready skills through our diploma course and work placement opportunities. This will also enhance your studies in university.

Less tuition fees and better study and life balance.

The cost of a diploma course is much cheaper than that of a whole year in university.

University Pathway Programs