Work While Studying

With a student visa, you can work up to 40 hours every two weeks during the semester, and unlimited hours during semester breaks.

Common part-time jobs for international students:

  • Retail Sales Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Barista
  • General Hospitality Staff
  • Event Staff
  • Cleaner
  • Food Delivery

Employment Sites

Professional Internships

According to Australian Job Outlook, the jobs listed below will be in high demand until 2023:

Benefits of Working in Australia

Gaining work experience in Australia can add competitive advantage to your portfolio and place you in a high starting point of your career when you return to your home country. If you are interested in gaining qualifications in the early childhood education or cookery/hospitality fields, we have the right packaged programs for you! You may also be eligible for post-graduate visa streams. Enquire about our packaged programs now!

Find out more about Graduate Visas here.

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