Live like a

Queenslanders are known for their friendly and outgoing personalities. They are also an open-minded and affable bunch! You will adjust to this new culture and city a lot quicker than expected!

Besides the “sunshine state”, Queensland is also famous for its street art, live music and free events. Below are some tips to help you understand the culture and lifestyle of our city:

  • Visit the local market – shop like a Queenslander
  • Brunch on Sunday – start your Sunday like a Queenslander
  • Go to the beach – plan your weekend like a Queenslander
  • Fish and chips – choose your favorite beach meals like a Queenslander
  • Night life in Fortitude Valley – party like a Queenslander
  • Street arts – be a culture vulture like a Queenslander
  • Chillax in Southbank – relax like a Queenslander
  • Events and festivals – enjoy life like a Queenslander
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Aussie Slang

Fair Enough (Idiom) means Alright/OK

i .e. ‘You’ll be late? Fair enough, traffic is bad today.’

Heaps (Noun/Adverb) means A lot or very

i.e. ‘heaps good’ You’re going out tonight, hey?’.

Keen (Adjective) means excited for something

i.e. ‘I’m so keen for the new Quentin Tarantino film.’

No worries (Idiom) means don’t worry about it/it’s OK

i.e. ‘you can’t come to the party? No worries!’

Full on (Adjective) means Intense/wild

i.e. ‘Uni is so full on, I can’t keep up with my assignments.’

Barbie (Noun) means BBQ

i.e. ‘Let’s fire up the barbie for dinner tonight.’

Macca’s (Noun) means McDonald’s

i.e. ‘I’m too tired to make dinner, shall we go to Macca’s instead?’

Mate (Noun) means Friend

i.e. ‘I like her, she’s a good mate, she always has my back.’

How ya going/How’s it going? (Spoken phrase)

How are you?

Good on ya (Exclamation) means Well done)

i.e. ‘Congratulations on that HD, good on ya!’