Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)


Are you interested in working in a bar or restaurant where service of alcohol is required? If so, the Responsible Service of Alcohol Course at QAT will allow you to obtain an accredited qualification for licensing purposes to work in any Queensland licensed establishment. This RSA course provides students with the necessary skills, knowledge and practical experience to sell or serve alcohol in an Australian bar or restaurant responsibly.

At Queensland Academy of Technology, not only can you learn how to responsibly service alcohol, and help customers within appropriate limits, you are being taught by industry experts that taught RSA certificate in QLD for many years.

Successful completion of this course would enable you to get an accredited RSA certificate in QLD, which is able to be used nation-wide, and enable you the rights to serve alcohol or refuse service at a licensed venue within Queensland. This course is also included in our Hospitality programs.

You will receive a statement of attainment upon completion of the 1 day RSA course. This would not expire once obtained. This means once you hold a statement of attainment (RSA certificate in QLD), it remains current irrespective of the course code.


Assessments will take the form of quizzing, case studies and practical observations. Our class will be delivered physically. It is open to any domestic or international students who require a RSA certificate in QLD.

QAT offers half-day face to face training for RSA certificate in QLD, where you can do your training in-class rather than online.


On completion of this one day course, students will have met the legal requirements to work in any Queensland licensed establishment. Other states may require additional study.


At Queensland Academy of Technology, not only can you learn how to responsibly service alcohol, and help customers within appropriate limits, you are being taught by industry experts that taught RSA certificate in QLD for many years.

Successful completion of this course would enable you to get an accredited RSA certificate in QLD, which is able to be used nation-wide, and enable you the rights to serve alcohol or refuse service at a licensed venue within Queensland. This course is also included in our Hospitality programs.

You will receive a statement of attainment upon completion of the 1 day RSA course. This would not expire once obtained. This means once you hold a statement of attainment (RSA certificate in QLD), it remains current irrespective of the course code.

RSA certificate in Queensland

Unfortunately, an RSA certificate in Queensland is different from an RSA certificate from different state of Queensland, as each state and territory has its own requirements for how the RSA training needs to be completed. As liquor licensing laws are different for different states and territory, some rejects online training and requires face to face training.

However, if you hold an RSA certificate from another Australian state or territory and that qualification is a Statement of Attainment in Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol, you can use this attainment in Queensland.

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Kyoichi Hirota

I think QAT has been helpful to me because before coming to school, I could not speak English. After coming to school, I can speak English and its fun to learn English at QAT. I believe the skills I developed in my course will be useful in my future when I go back to Japan. I guess I want to work where I can use my English at the next stage. I enjoyed learning at QAT and I love my classmates and my trainer. My trainer is very kind, funny, friendly and always helps me with my English problems. Thus, I love my overall experience at QAT!

Kyoichi Hirota

Alex (Yusher) | Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

I come from Taiwan. I came to Australia in 2012 for working holiday. I then went back to my country after 2 years. But I miss the life in Australia very badly, and decided to come back to learn more skills for better life.

I really like cooking so I did some research and found out all the cooking schools in Brisbane. With my agent’s help, finally I decided to come to QAT. After 2 years of learning here, I have to say “Thank you QAT”. There are experienced trainers around, friendly staff to provide complete student services, classmates from worldwide and fully equipped training kitchen.

The most helpful thing to me, I shall say is work-based training. QAT cooperates with many reputable 5-star hotels in Brisbane. QAT helps me to get the chance to do my work-based training in Pullman Hotel. It was a challenge to me at first as that was my first time to work in the real commercial kitchen. But I used all the skills that I learnt from QAT Kitchen to get through the tasks at my workplace. The head chef of Pullman Hotel gave me a part-time job to work with his team and therefore I got to start my chef career early while studying Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery at QAT.

Alex (Yusher) | Hospitality

Jessie | Certificate IV in Cookery

I have already studied IELTS Preparation course at QAT. I am currently studying Certificate IV in Cookery and will further study Diploma of Hospitality here as well. The reason why I chose QAT was because I heard it is a good school and most importantly the courses here are reasonably priced. However, after studying here for almost a year, my trainer and classmates are now like families to me. My trainer Matthew is really nice and kind. Our classes are always enjoyable. I was so lucky to be hired by the restaurant where I did my practical. They even offered to sponsor me to live in Australia and continue working for them after my study! How lucky!

Jessie | Hospitality

Juan Carlos Ricardo Perez Melgar

Studying the Leadership and Management Diploma at QAT has allowed me to have a more global approach to business. Not only in the course they show you statistical topics that in an average business course they do, but they also focus a lot on the human factor and on the psychology in order to understand the clients, whether internal or external. I put these skills and techniques into practice to create a small business called OLA, where I teach the effective way to learn the Spanish language is taught in a face-to-face and semi-professional manner at really accessible costs.

Juan Carlos Ricardo Perez Melgar | Business

Lindsay Park | General English

I would like to take this opportunity to say my thanks to QAT for helping me improving my English language skills.

I could not have imagined doing so well at my second try at IELTS before attending the courses at QAT. Back then, I could not obtain a score of over six in writing. I would like to thank my teacher Alan and all my classmates especially Merve 😊 for their teaching and great support throughout my studies no matter how difficult everything seemed to be.

I believe that if you wish to improve your English language skills. You can always reply on the guidance of the wonderful teachers here and by doing your best.

Good luck to all present and future students and thank you all again!

Lindsay Park | General English

Lyn | IELTS Preparation

I’m writing this to talk about my story studying IELTS. Firstly, I do not know how to express my thanks. Keith, thank you!

I graduated from QUT nursing course last month, then for registration as a nurse in Australia, I should obtain 7.0 (Academic, IELTS). I tried to get the result, however, it seemed to be too difficult. I had taken IELTS three times before enrolling this course (4B IELTS). Unfortunately, I failed. It made me frustrated, because I wasn’t able to figure out what’s my problem. Even though I made great efforts to get 7.0, all of which seemed to be worthless. Then I heard about QAT having a good reputation, particularly IELTS courses, so I enrolled. I found that there was an air of optimism in my future. After taking the course for 3 weeks, I have got through. My result was 7.5(Listening), 6.5(Reading), 6.5(Writing), and 7.5 (Speaking). Then “now” I have got 7.0(listening), 7.5(Reading), 7.0(Writing), 7.5(Speaking), and overall 7.5.

IIt is incredible! I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. It is just fantastic.

Without identifying problems, there is no way to fix it.

Keith is a great teacher who I have ever met. He exactly identify the problems of students and guide them to achieve their goal. All I had to do was to follow his instruction. Everyone can make dreams come true. Achieving high scores in IELTS is extremely difficult, however, it is not impossible.

Thank you Keith, thousand times. I can never thank you enough…


Serena | IELTS Preparation

I come from China, and wish to get overall 6.5, minimum 6.0 in each, so that I have access to further my Master of Business at university. Before I study at QAT, I have never thought about that will come true. During almost six-month period, I feel more confident and happier, so do my parents.

We spent 5 hours per day to focus on English, but I have never felt bored. I believe that is caused by good teachers and staff here. They are full of knowledge and special strategy to help students enhance their ability of using English, as well as IELTS score. The every three-week “in house test” is my favorite part, which likes a real IELTS test that can give you chance to move up, so meet different teacher and teaching methods. In addition, it can help you to clear your weak points when teachers give you feedback.



Serena | IELTS

Servio Castillo

I have studied here for one year and a half. It has been great since they changed the curriculum. The way the classes are now more comprehensive and easy to understand. Our trainer is always helpful and provides us with all sorts of course related information, including job hunting resources. That is how I discovered my current job agency. I have been happily working with my agency and getting paid work from different child care centers for almost a year now.

Servio Castillo | Early Childhood Education and Care

Colin | Studied Cookery and Hospitality

Hi, I am Colin, I’m from Malaysia and I study Cookery and Hospitality at QAT. My dream is to work in a reputable kitchen with knowledgeable staff in order to up-skill my Kitchen Career Path, especially in Patisseries which I am most passionate about.

Since the beginning of my studies, I have gained a lot of knowledge towards my dream career. I received invaluable knowledge from QAT, such as some real life workplace experiences from skilful trainers. They showed their best efforts to teach me all the skills they have learnt. I have to thank and appreciate the help from QAT since the beginning and til the end of my studies. At QAT, I once requested to my trainers that I wanted to learn something more about pastries and they did not hesitate to help me and provide me with an opportunity to work as a pastry apprentice at the Sofitel Hotel.

After an exciting long journey with QAT and the work opportunity they provided me, I have finally received a job offer to work as a Commis Pastry Chef at the Sofitel in Brisbane Central. I am so grateful to work with this company, and I know that it would not have happened if I did not meet my respectful trainers (Mr Ken and Mr Vincent) and with QAT’s help.

I have now applied for a Graduate Visa and will apply for my Permanent Residence in the future.


Thank you QAT, I truly appreciated all of your help.

Colin | Hospitality

Fan | Studied IELTS Preparation & Cambridge

I chose to study Cambridge Preparation to help me reach the score required to enter university. After studying for just two months, I achieved the score required to kick start my university journey. I am now studying a Master of Teaching (Early Childhood) at the University of South Australia.


Jennifer | Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

Well, this is a good story! When I came to Australia it was my first college, my first classmates and I’d never forget Alex my first English teacher. I did General English Nov/2015 and also, IELTS course. After that, I came back because the last college had been closed, so always QAT was my first option to study.

Actually, every single friend who asks about where to study English, I always recommend this college. I just finished my Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management and I learned a lot, most in leadership that for all business is important to get skills of leadership and one of my dreams is to start my own business.

Thank you QAT for always opening the doors for me. Always in my heart. Big hug to Kelly and Javier.

Jennifer | Business

Joowan | General English and IELTS Preparation

I started my journey at QAT in March 2019 where I studied General English at the Intermediate level. Within three months, I gained the confidence and grammar skills required to pass General English and begin my IELTS Preparation journey. After just two months of study, I achieved an IELTS 5.5 which allowed me to study at TAFE. I am now pursuing my dream of becoming a mechanic and am studying an automotive course at TAFE Queensland.

Joowan | ELICOS

Jimmy | Diploma of Business

QAT provides me with applicable knowledge and got me equipped and ready for the real world. If it wasn’t for QAT, I wouldn’t exceed and excel within my work environment. I look forward to completing another course with QAT and excel wherever opportunity that is given to me.

Thank you.

Jimmy | Business
Solomon Islands

Manuel | Barista Training Course

I’m Manuel, I attended to your workshop in QAT this Thursday. I just wanted to thank you for your tips on how to take a coffee to the client without dropping anything on him. It’s gonna be very helpful advice in my professional future.

I’m currently working in a restaurant as a glassy and bartender support whenever they need it and your workshop was very useful. In a few months I will have to travel to the north to find a job in hospitality to extend my visa for another year and I’m pretty sure your talk will help a lot on that part of the path.

I really liked the way you talked to us, it was very motivational and encouraging and that’s the kind of speech I like to hear. It kind of remained me about “The 7 habits of highly effective people”. The way you talked to us was very motivational, so I thank you!

Manuel | Barista Course

Maria | Early Childhood Education & Care

Hi, my name is Maria Paula.

I would like to share my successful journey with QAT throughout COVID19 restricted time. In August 2019, I have started Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care at QAT. I have done my first placement at KIDS ELC2 and I was trying to apply all of my knowledge and experience that I gained from QAT. Therefore I was referred by Lead Educator to Centre Director which offered ma a casual job by end of 2019. However, I cannot continue my work due to COVID 19, I stopped to work from March 2020. Since then I have studied with my passion and tried to engage with my knowledge and practical experience. All QAT staff encourage me a lot to be prepared for next opportunity. Finally in July 2020, I have received an offer to work at Taigum KIDS ELS 1 as a permanent part-time. Without support from QAT staff, I could not achieved it.

Thank you QAT.

Maria | Early Childhood Education & Care

Arabella | Certificate III Early Childhood Education & Care

I started the Certificate III in ECEC in May 2020.

Even though I am still in Block A, I managed to engage with a job at a child centre even though I had no experience working in the industry.

QAT provides both knowledge lecture and performance activities, face to face in class.

Attending those simulated class gives me a great background knowledge of what is like working in a childcare centre.

During the COVID-19 restricted time, many of us cannot get work placement. However, the training at QAT gives students a great opportunity to keep progressing.

I am very thankful about our trainer giving me a confidence as well as a professional training.

Arabella | Early Childhood Education & Care

Valeska | General English

Today I finished my General English course. I am very happy because my English level was zero and now I am in pre intermediate. I recommend this school; it is very friendly and has good teachers. Thank you.

I want to express my congratulations to a professor at his institute, who simply has no protocol and is definitely the craziest teacher I have ever had, but I am delighted with his creativity and natural charm to teach, no doubt within all that madness he has great skills to capture the attention of all their students and keep them fun and learning. The name of this teacher is Vernon Higgins. Thank you for your fun classes, I will always remember those moments and especially your drawings. I would also like to thank Jessica and Alex who were also part of my learning, thanks for the dedication and patience!

Valeska | ELICOS

Ricardo Richardson | Leadership and Management

Studying Leadership and Management at QAT has definitely been a refreshing experience thus far. I found myself yearning to learn more and aspiring to do more with the knowledge and information gained from each class. This is merely a result of having a remarkable trainer, who is enthusiastic and diligent with her efforts of providing a dynamic class experience. Motivating you to envision yourself as manager as you work through the assessments, issuing thought provoking scenarios and instilling confidence into each student in a unique way. I am proud to say that I am a by-product of the QAT experience and it has inspired me to pursue further studies in Business Management.

Ricardo Richardson | Business
Saint Martin

Emma | Advanced Diploma in Hospitality

I am studying Advanced Diploma in Hospitality in the QAT. I really like the teachers and facilities here. In regards to the teachers, I learned a lot, not just from textbooks but also from their experiences. Some of the lessons I have learnt are to do with Marketing and Business planning. When the teacher Carmel was describing her experiences, she was very lively which make it very interesting. The information she shared was very important to me, as I wish to open my own store in the future.

Emma | Hospitality

Angela Milena Velandia Martin | Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

I chose Cert IV in the kitchen, because I studied a technical degree in Cooking in Colombia several years ago. However, in Colombia I did not learn enough (due to the few hours I had class), so I thought that in QAT it would be the same, but everything has been totally different and QAT has surpassed my expectations without any doubt. First of all, I am very lucky and I have a great teacher who has a lot of experience and is interested in giving us all her knowledge in a practical and interesting way, which has been incredible because I still do not work in the kitchen, but my interest in learning and Start improving my skills has increased in recent months.

Angela Milena Velandia Martin | Hospitality

Keiko Matsuzaki | Early Childhood Education & Care

QAT is one of the best colleges in Brisbane, because of its strong strategies and curriculum. I feel I am learning very valuable skills, which will make me a great educator. The teachers are very friendly and approachable and offer precise guidance. If you want to study seriously, I recommend you study at QAT!

Keiko Matsuzaki | Early Childhood Education & Care


Duration - 1 Day

Units SITHFAB002

Cost $80

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