Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

CHC30121 | CRICOS: 108598A

CHC30121 Certificate III - Early Childhood Education and Care Australia


Turn your passion for working with children into a career with a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care at Queensland Academy of Technology.

The Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care is an entry level qualification to help prepare trainees with the skills and knowledge to work with children 0-5 years in the early childhood industry. Trainees will be given a training contract and allocated a dedicated QAT trainer who will support trainees through their course by conducting regular workplace visits to further develop students’ learning and professional development. After successful completion of the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care traineeship with QAT, trainees will be eligible to further their studies within the Early Childhood industry by enrolling in our Diploma of Early Education and Care.


Commence your career in Early Childhood Education and Care in Australia with this entry level qualification at QAT.

This qualification is for people who want to work as an Early Childhood Educator in a centre-based service and family day care. You will be able to facilitate children’s play and ensure children’s health and safety while supporting their learning and wellbeing. Queensland Academy of Technology partners with some of the best early childhood education and care services in the industry to give you practical, on-the-job training, access to childcare traineeship jobs, and industry-relevant experience before you graduate.

As a leading training college in Brisbane, QAT has a proven history delivering various workplace traineeship programs. We are committed to fully engaging with our supportive team of reputable Host organisations to understand the specific needs, and provide solutions through implementing our trainee programs for adults and school-based trainee programs, engaging with high performing school students.

Course Duration and Study Options

The certificate 3 in childcare duration may vary based on the funding by which the program is being delivered under. In this instance, a training plan/schedule will be used to outline the duration and scheduling of the intended program to the student or candidate. The study options will be set out in the schedule/plan which is provided at enrolment, detailing the training methods by which the program is being delivered. All courses have full fee disclosure prior to a student commences upon enrolment.


There are no entry requirements for this qualification as this is an entry level certificate in early childhood education and care.


To find the Certificate 3 in Childcare cost, please refer to the following details of Fee and Funding. Where alterations are made to course structure, fees will be recalculated and students advised accordingly.


Skills and knowledge assessments are an essential step in progressing through your course. You may be assessed in a number of ways while you study at the Queensland Academy of Technology, including observation, written assessment, questioning, portfolios, work samples, third-party feedback. Credit transfer is available for students who have successfully completed units of competency through a nationally recognised provider or Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Evidence of a transcript will be requested prior to commencing the course.


We have many payment options available depending on each individual student. Please Contact QAT to know what payment option suits you.

Why Study with QAT?

At QAT our aim is to assist those who take part in this course in reaching the required competence and confidence to succeed, becoming passionate educators within the Early Childhood Services industry.

Join QAT industry award winning trainers who will provide you with the individual training support to successfully achieve your Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care to reach career goals and gain employment as an Educator or Assistant Educator in the Early Childhood Service industry.

You will receive:

• Highly informative orientation and induction
• Meet with the lead trainer to discuss all aspects of the course including work placement
• An individual training schedule which includes assessment due dates
• Meet the student support officer dedicated to assist you
• Access to the QAT student portal, E-learning portal and virtual classroom
• Access to QAT student Facebook, student activity calendar and QAT job club
• Work placement at an Early Childhood Centre to receive hands on experience
• Access to paid employment through Early Childhood job vacancies, which pay award wages
• Receive specific training in special needs and have the opportunity to work alongside children with additional needs through our industry partnership program
• Pathway towards career development into university to complete BA in Education


The successful achievement of this qualification requires you to complete 17 core units of competency. Completing placement is compulsory, and you will be expected to manage family and work commitments in order to complete your shifts. You are required to complete a minimum of 160 hours of vocational placement in regulated children’s education and care service to satisfy this component of your qualification.

**Prior to work placement you are required to apply for a blue card (working with children check).

CHCDIV001 - Work with diverse people
CHCECE030 - Support inclusion and diversity
CHCECE031 - Support children's health, safety and wellbeing
CHCECE032 - Nurture babies and toddlers
CHCECE033 - Develop positive and respectful relationships with children
CHCECE034 - Use an approved learning framework to guide practice
CHCECE035 - Support the holistic learning and development of children
CHCECE036 - Provide experiences to support children's play and learning
CHCECE037 - Support children to connect with the natural environment
CHCECE038 - Observe children to inform practice
CHCECE054 - Encourage understanding of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples' cultures
CHCECE055 - Meet legal and industry requirements, as well as legal and ethical obligations in children's education and care
CHCECE056 - Work effectively in children's education and care
CHCPRP003 - Reflect on and improve own professional practice
CHCPRT025 - Identify and report children and young people at risk
HLTAID012 - Provide First Aid in an education and care setting
HLTWHS001 - Participate in workplace health and safety


This Certificate III in Childcare qualification reflects the role of providers of early childhood education and care and is the minimum requirement for working in early childhood settings in Australia. This comprehensive program equips students with the essential knowledge and practical skills needed to effectively support children’s health, wellbeing, learning and development from birth to six years old. Throughout the course, students will follow an approved learning framework to develop knowledge about safety and health requirements, how to create inclusive learning environments, and effective communication strategies to create and nurture positive and respectful relationships with children and families. Practical components include hands-on experience in childcare settings, allowing students to apply their learning in real-world contexts under the guidance and direct supervision of experienced educators.


Students can pursue further qualifications by enrolling into CHC50121 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care through our pathway programs. The Diploma of Early Childhood Education will allow you to work as a Lead Educator, or Group Leader.

Alternatively, for a shorter study duration and reduced tuition fees, apply to study a packaged course. In this packaged course you will study both a Certificate III and Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.


Job prospects upon successful completion of this course include:

Early Childhood Assistant Educator
• Early Childhood Educator
• Early Childhood Education and Care Assistant
• In Home Care Provider
• Family Day Care Educator
• Outside Hour School Care Educator
• Playgroup Supervisor
• Child Care Worker
• Recreation Assistant
• Kindergarten Assistant
• Childhood Educator Assistant


Do I need a basic food safety practices certificate to work in early childhood education in QLD?

A basic food safety practices certificate is not necessarily required under child education and care services national law to work in childcare, take part in a childcare traineeship, or receive a Cert 3 in childcare in Brisbane. If the childcare or community services provider that you are working with supplies food, the facility will be considered to be a food business, and as such will be required to hold a licence and have at least one food safety supervisor – under early childhood education and care services national regulations. All early childhood services however, regardless of whether or not a food licence is required, are encouraged to complete the free food handler training course DoFoodSafely in order to understand: 

  • Safe handling of food
  • Food contamination
  • Cleaning and sanitising of food premises and equipment
  • Personal hygiene

If you have any questions about whether the centre you intend to work with is a licensable food business or what provisions apply, you can contact your local government

Can I take part in this course as part of a school-based traineeship?

Yes, it is possible to undertake a Certificate III in Childcare as part of a school-based traineeship in Australia. School-based traineeships (sometimes referred to as a childcare apprenticeship, although this is not the technically accepted term) allow students to combine their secondary school studies with vocational education and training, gaining practical work experience and a nationally recognised qualification concurrently. In the context of the Early Childhood Education Certificate 3, students typically spend part of their school week attending classes and the remainder working in a childcare setting under the supervision of qualified educators.

Is there a PR pathway for early childhood education in Australia?

Yes, there is an early childhood education PR pathway for international students in Australia. One common pathway is through employer-sponsored visas, such as the Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) or the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187). Under these schemes, employers can sponsor skilled workers in occupations listed on the relevant skilled occupation lists, including early childhood teachers and educators, for permanent residency. Additionally, individuals may be eligible for PR through skilled migration pathways, such as the General Skilled Migration program (subclass 189, 190, 491 visas). To qualify for these visas, candidates typically need to meet specific eligibility criteria (such as obtaining a positive skills assessment), including having relevant qualifications, work experience as an early childhood teacher/early childhood pre primary school teacher, and meeting the points-based system. It's important to note that immigration policies and visa requirements can change, so you should consult with a registered migration agent or the Department of Home Affairs for the most up-to-date information and guidance on PR pathways for early childhood education professionals in Australia.

Is a Cert 3 in Childcare considered a kindergarten assistant course or family daycare course in Australia?

In Australia there are no courses specifically titled “kindergarten assistant course” or “family daycare course”, however if you receive an Early Childhood Education Certificate III (sometimes referred to as a Cert III in Childcare) you will be able to pursue a rewarding career as a family daycare educator or early childhood assistant educator.


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