The IELTS examination tests students in four skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Our IELTS course provides IELTS training in this four sectors, it also provides direct Pathways to a large number of educational institutions.

Kyoichi Hirota

I think QAT has been helpful to me because before coming to school, I could not speak English. After coming to school, I can speak English and its fun to learn English at QAT. I believe the skills I developed in my course will be useful in my future when I go back to Japan. I guess I want to work where I can use my English at the next stage. I enjoyed learning at QAT and I love my classmates and my trainer. My trainer is very kind, funny, friendly and always helps me with my English problems. Thus, I love my overall experience at QAT!

Kyoichi Hirota

Juan Carlos Ricardo Perez Melgar

Studying the Leadership and Management Diploma at QAT has allowed me to have a more global approach to business. Not only in the course they show you statistical topics that in an average business course they do, but they also focus a lot on the human factor and on the psychology in order to understand the clients, whether internal or external. I put these skills and techniques into practice to create a small business called OLA, where I teach the effective way to learn the Spanish language is taught in a face-to-face and semi-professional manner at really accessible costs.

Juan Carlos Ricardo Perez Melgar | Business

Servio Castillo

I have studied here for one year and a half. It has been great since they changed the curriculum. The way the classes are now more comprehensive and easy to understand. Our trainer is always helpful and provides us with all sorts of course related information, including job hunting resources. That is how I discovered my current job agency. I have been happily working with my agency and getting paid work from different child care centers for almost a year now.

Servio Castillo | Early Childhood Education and Care




Weekly - 20 hours of face-to-face teaching

Study Days

Monday-Thursday (Additional support classes every Friday)

Intake Dates

Every Monday

Entry Requirements

From IELTS 4.0


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