Diploma of Business



Diploma of Business


Upgrade your career in leadership and management with this high-level qualification with Diploma of Business at Queensland Academy of Technology.

Do you have a passion for leadership and effective management? If so, the Diploma of Business is for you. You’ll gain the necessary knowledge and skills required to become a manager in business, human resources and sales.


The BSB50120 Diploma of Business qualification covers a wide range of core knowledge, practical skills and experience in leadership and management which can be be applied across a rangge of enterprise and industry contexts.

QAT's unique student-centered approach focuses on the education model enabling students to make the most of a rewarding career in modern business leadership and management.

QAT's mission is to help students gain knowledge and skill to a level where an individual can demonstrate initiative and judgement in planning, organising, implementing and monitoring their own workload and the workload of others. They use communication skills to support individuals and teams to meet organisational or enterprise requirements.

Be part of a dynamic training experience and be motivated to think like a leader and manager with the confidence to work in any innovative team environment. This course also provides a pathway to further studies or progress into and exciting career.

Enhance your opportunities with this high-level qualification in Diploma of Business and set yourself up with advanced skills to succeed as a leader in a field that:

• has a fast growing future
• is diverse and filled with opportunities
• offers great job prospects
• is dynamic and ever changing
• everyday is a brand new experience
• pathway opportunities to further studies

Course Duration and Study Options

The duration of a course may vary based on the funding by which the program is being delivered under. In this instance, a training plan/schedule will be used to outline the duration and scheduling of the intended program to the student or candidate. The study options will be set out in the schedule/plan which is provided at enrolment, detailing the training methods by which the program is being delivered. All courses have full fee disclosure prior to a student commences upon enrolment.


There are no entry requirements for this qualification.

Fees and Funding

Please refer to the following details of Fee and Funding. Where alterations are made to course structure, fees will be recalculated and students advised accordingly.


All vocational courses are assessed through a combination of assessment types that may include examinations, essays, reports, group tasks, portfolios and/ or presentations.


We have many payment options available depending on each individual student. Please Contact QAT to know what payment option suits you.

Why Study with QAT?

At QAT our aim is to assist you in reaching the required competence and confidence to succeed within the Business industry.

Join QAT industry award winning trainers who will provide you with the individual training support to successfully achieve your diploma, reach your career goals and gain employment in the Business industry.

• This course will equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a qualified project manager or leader.
• This qualification is nationally recognised.
• Our trainers are qualified, industry-experienced professionals who provide one-on-one support to ensure you have the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the field.
• Students will be trained in real world settings and acquire job-ready skills through their training.


BSBCRT511 - Develop critical thinking in others
BSBFIN501 - Manage budgets and financial plans
BSBLDR522 - Manage people performance
BSBOPS501 - Manage business resources
BSBOPS502 - Manage business operational plans
BSBOPS504 - Manage business risk
BSBPEF502 - Develop and use emotional intelligence
BSBSUS511 - Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability
BSBTEC403 - Apply digital solutions to work processes
BSBTWK502 - Manage team effectiveness
BSBWRT411 - Write complex documents
BSBXCM501 - Lead communication in the workplace


Students can pursue further studies by enrolling into any of the following courses through our internal pathways program:

BSB60420 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Managementt

For more information on our university pathways, please see University Pathways


Job prospects upon successful completion of this course include:

• Transport Manager
• Distribution Centre Manager
• Office Manager
• Warehouse Manager
• Business Development Manager
• Product Manager
• Corporate Service Manager
• Business Manager

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