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Advance your career and studies in early childhood with Diploma of Early Childhood Education at Queensland Academy of Technology.

Progress your career in early childhood education in Australia with this advanced qualification and gain the specialised skills and knowledge needed to work as an early childhood educator or centre director.

A Diploma further enables you to implement, and manage education and care programs, and supervise staff and volunteers. You’ll also gain entry level management knowledge and skills that let you oversee the care service and early childhood education in Australia.

Why Study with QAT?

At QAT our aim is to assist you in reaching the required competence and confidence to succeed within the Early Childhood Services industry.

Join QAT industry award winning trainers who will provide you with the individual training support to successfully achieve your Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care to reach career goals and gain employment in the service industry of Early Childhood Education in Australia.

You will receive:

  • Highly informative orientation and induction
  • Meet with the lead trainer to discuss all aspects of the course including work placement
  • An individual training schedule which includes assessment due dates
  • Meet the student support officer dedicated to assist you
  • Access to the QAT student portal, E-learning portal and virtual classroom
  • Access to QAT student Facebook, student activity calendar and QAT job club
  • Work placement at an Early Childhood Centre to receive hands on experience
  • Access to Early Childhood job vacancies
  • Receive specific training in special needs and have the opportunity to work alongside children with additional needs through our industry partnership program
  • Pathway towards career development into university to complete BA in Education

Employment Opportunities

Job prospects upon successful completion of this course include:

  • Before and After School Care Coordinator
  • Lead Educator
  • Long Day Care Service Centre Manager
  • Family Day Care Coordinator
  • Centre Administrator

Further Study

Students can pursue further studies from our wide range of university pathways. Pathways include a Bachelor degree in:

  • Education (Early Childhood)
  • Human Service and Social Science. Students can have up to 8 units credit (1 year) transferred.

For more information on our university pathways, please see Pathways Programs.

Students may also choose to immediately commence their careers as an educator in an early childhood environment.

Any Questions?

For assistance, our Enrolments Team are more than happy to help you with any questions you may have.
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Servio Castillo

I have studied here for one year and a half. It has been great since they changed the curriculum. The way the classes are now more comprehensive and easy to understand. Our trainer is always helpful and provides us with all sorts of course related information, including job hunting resources. That is how I discovered my current job agency. I have been happily working with my agency and getting paid work from different child care centers for almost a year now.

Servio Castillo | Early Childhood Education and Care

Maria | Early Childhood Education & Care

Hi, my name is Maria Paula.

I would like to share my successful journey with QAT throughout COVID19 restricted time. In August 2019, I have started Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care at QAT. I have done my first placement at KIDS ELC2 and I was trying to apply all of my knowledge and experience that I gained from QAT. Therefore I was referred by Lead Educator to Centre Director which offered ma a casual job by end of 2019. However, I cannot continue my work due to COVID 19, I stopped to work from March 2020. Since then I have studied with my passion and tried to engage with my knowledge and practical experience. All QAT staff encourage me a lot to be prepared for next opportunity. Finally in July 2020, I have received an offer to work at Taigum KIDS ELS 1 as a permanent part-time. Without support from QAT staff, I could not achieved it.

Thank you QAT.

Maria | Early Childhood Education & Care

Arabella | Certificate III Early Childhood Education & Care

I started the Certificate III in ECEC in May 2020.

Even though I am still in Block A, I managed to engage with a job at a child centre even though I had no experience working in the industry.

QAT provides both knowledge lecture and performance activities, face to face in class.

Attending those simulated class gives me a great background knowledge of what is like working in a childcare centre.

During the COVID-19 restricted time, many of us cannot get work placement. However, the training at QAT gives students a great opportunity to keep progressing.

I am very thankful about our trainer giving me a confidence as well as a professional training.

Arabella | Early Childhood Education & Care

Keiko Matsuzaki | Early Childhood Education & Care

QAT is one of the best colleges in Brisbane, because of its strong strategies and curriculum. I feel I am learning very valuable skills, which will make me a great educator. The teachers are very friendly and approachable and offer precise guidance. If you want to study seriously, I recommend you study at QAT!

Keiko Matsuzaki | Early Childhood Education & Care



No entries match your request.

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